“Bomb Synagogues”, “Jewish Rats” – Tory politicians in Facebook hate group

Pride's Purge

Comments by supporters of Boris Johnson – unreported in the mainstream press – found on a Facebook group run by two Tory politicians:

“All Synagogues should be closed down”

“Bomb the lot”

“Jews should be deported”

“Waste of money and takes too much time. Shoot the lot.”

“Give them a Darwin award and a bullet”

“This is a white British country it’s not for Jewish rats deport immediately”

“What are they doing with the money! I hate Jewish rats”

“The great European project is about replacing the white indigenous population of Europe – these Jewish immigrants can introduce this Grand Plan to overcome/replace white civilisation within Europe”

All of the above comments are real – except you have to replace the words ‘Jewish‘, ‘Jews‘ and ‘Synagogues‘ with ‘Muslim‘, ‘Immigrants‘ and ‘Mosques

Full info about this Tory hate…

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