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Have you ever demonstrated so much patience to someone that you ended up questioning yourself? You attempted to give them the time they needed, without realizing that they were taking advantage of your compassion. You listened to their misdirection and they never realized that you were allowing them the space to heal. It got to be hurtful when they didn’t value what you had given them, they simply disregarded it. How do recover from being treated like you never mattered? As hard as it is to say out loud, you have to find the strength to move on. In those moments when you have given so much, I want you to remember that you have to love yourself first – and there is nothing selfish about that.

I know what it is like to give someone space in your life that really had no place being there. You give…

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@ShashaSelflove 3/19/19 – So There



Last week I went ahead and published a collection of blog entries compiled into a book.  Was it perfect? No. Was it when I wanted? I am never going to do it unless I jump in. As committed as I am to this blog, I have huge doubts if anyone feels connected to it. However, it is all about being 100% committed to the vision and doing what you must to get to goal. That means falling, that means learning and that means dealing with doubts. Thick skin, cover me now! I am only getting started, what about you?

I have had a few unexpected changes as of recent, certain situations in my life changed for the better – and some changed in such a negative manner that I had to take a breath just to process it all. Where does this all lead? I am rolling up my sleeves…

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@ShashaSelflove 3/12/19 -Switch Gears

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@ShashaSelflove 3/12/19 -Switch Gears


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I am trying to be my best and I am still falling short. My sweat which was once sufficient doesn’t get it done anymore. Hence, I go back into my tool box – the hammer and nails, computers and routers there are my usual go to items. I have had to open my eyes to the fact that if I want different results I am going to have to take a different approach.

We go into situations and draw from experience, with our knowledge and the information in front of us we are able to draw conclusions. Unconsciously, we pull from what we have done in the past and figure our situations. It is just certain matters in our lives that are stones we keeping tripping over. I want different results strongly enough that I am willing to something totally different to get to my goals.

There must be something…

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Please don’t ask me if I am Jewish. If you want a polite reply.

Pride's Purge

Since I started to write about what I see as the trivialisation of antisemitism in recent months, I have been asked many times: “Are you Jewish?”

I’ve tried to ignore the question because I don’t want to encourage idiots into thinking it’s OK to glibly discuss the ‘Jewishness’ of other people when it comes to debating antisemitism, or anything else for that matter. Because it really is not OK.

But it’s got to the stage now where I can no longer ignore it.

So here is my reply:

My father’s Jewish family were murdered in the Holocaust. Three brothers survived – one my grandfather – who were ‘allowed’ to leave Vienna in the 1930s.

In those days, when the Nazis took over Austria, Jews were allowed to leave, if they had enough money to ‘buy’ their way out of the country. The family (we presume) clubbed together to pay for…

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Did you hear Jeremy Corbyn was ‘egged’ today? Fake news. He was punched.

via Did you hear Jeremy Corbyn was ‘egged’ today? Fake news. He was punched.


Did you hear Jeremy Corbyn was ‘egged’ today? Fake news. He was punched.

Pride's Purge

When will the British people say enough is enough to smears and lies from our so-called journalists about the leader of Her Majesty’s Official Opposition?

According to our mainstream press, Corbyn was “egged” today during a visit to a mosque:

But that is a lie.

According to ‘journalists’, being ‘egged‘ means to be: “hit by by a man holding an egg in his fist“:

In other words – Corbyn was punched, not ‘egged’.

This ENDLESS anti-Corbyn spinning and ridiculously tortuous word games from journalists would be funny if a senior politician’s safety were not at risk.

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“Bomb Synagogues”, “Jewish Rats” – Tory politicians in Facebook hate group

Pride's Purge

Comments by supporters of Boris Johnson – unreported in the mainstream press – found on a Facebook group run by two Tory politicians:

“All Synagogues should be closed down”

“Bomb the lot”

“Jews should be deported”

“Waste of money and takes too much time. Shoot the lot.”

“Give them a Darwin award and a bullet”

“This is a white British country it’s not for Jewish rats deport immediately”

“What are they doing with the money! I hate Jewish rats”

“The great European project is about replacing the white indigenous population of Europe – these Jewish immigrants can introduce this Grand Plan to overcome/replace white civilisation within Europe”

All of the above comments are real – except you have to replace the words ‘Jewish‘, ‘Jews‘ and ‘Synagogues‘ with ‘Muslim‘, ‘Immigrants‘ and ‘Mosques

Full info about this Tory hate…

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