@ShashaSelflove 1/09/18 – Surrender to Freedom


It sounds like an odd concept, surrender to be bound and laying down your arms to another power. How can that submission turn into freedom? Stay with me, even I get my own words confused in my head. But in all honesty, we can find freedom in walking right into our fears and allowing ourselves to confront what has us bound by trusting. It is so tempting to stay in our safe space, but are you really free there?

So what is keeping you from surrendering? Fear. It could be fear of trusting, fear a leaving, fear of something new. Fear is holding us hostage from being able to live our fullest life. So in a way, overcoming the obstacles that hold us back is conquering the fear that restrains us.

Take the dangerous flirtation that is love. We have all been burned to various degrees – all of it…

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