Tories plan to strip holiday pay, workers’ rights, employer pension contributions after Brexit

via Tories plan to strip holiday pay, workers’ rights, employer pension contributions after Brexit


Tories plan to strip holiday pay, workers’ rights, employer pension contributions after Brexit

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Why is Theresa May’s former-Brexit Secretary Dominic Raab and other top Tories – so hell-bent on a hard Brexit?

In 2011, Raab said in a policy paper for the rabidly right-wing think-tank the Centre for Policy Studies that holiday pay, the minimum wage, maternity leave and pension contributions for British workers are all ‘strait jackets’ for British businesses and should all be scrapped.

All of which are currently guaranteed under EU regulations.



Here’s a copy of Raab’s shocking policy paper if anyone wants to read it:

Click to access 111114155257-escapingthestraitjacket.pdf

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@ShashaSelflove 1/26/19 – Truth Is



I am not sure what to say anymore. I have my moments, I suppose we are all allowed to be human every now and again. There comes a time where you want what you want and you aren’t in the mood to negotiate, you aren’t available to accept “no” as an answer and you aren’t going to wait for “some day”.

As life starts to fall into place, so much goes into your objectives and the world finally conspires along side you to get you to the goals that you painstakingly have worked for. Right when the pieces fit together ever so snug – other plans start to fall apart. Where do I go from there? Where would you go? As I have gotten older, setbacks are no longer catastrophes – they are a shrug of a shoulder and the acceptance that you don’t win the battles that aren’t for…

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Tories propose nudge, big business AI initiative and ‘personal responsibility’ in place of adequate health care funding

via Tories propose nudge, big business AI initiative and ‘personal responsibility’ in place of adequate health care funding


Tories propose nudge, big business AI initiative and ‘personal responsibility’ in place of adequate health care funding

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Health spending by govtA breakdown of spending on health care under each government up to 2016. Under the Major government, we saw a post code lottery of health care provision and patients were left for hours on end in hospital corridors. It’s a grim consideration that the Major government spent rather more on health care than the Conservatives in office since 2010.

Earlier this year, the prime minister was warned that patients being treated within the National Health Service are dying prematurely in hospital corridors, in a letter from A&E chiefs outlining “very serious concerns” about patient safety. 

Sixty-eight senior doctors in charge of some of the busiest accident and emergency departments in England and Wales said safety compromises are becoming “intolerable”. 

The letter includes accounts from frontline A&E doctors, one of whom warned 120 patients a day were being treated in corridors because of a lack of space on wards.

The letter said: “

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Did Tory delegation see Republican delegates throw peanuts at a black camerawoman?

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(Not satire – it’s the US Republicans!)

You know the old saying – “A man is known by the company he keeps” ?

So why have the Conservative Party sent an official delegation to the US Republican convention?

Of course they love Mitt’s plan to reduce taxes for the richest 1% while cutting universal healthcare and welfare for the poorest if he becomes President. We know they love it because the Tories are doing exactly the same here.

But maybe they weren’t aware of some other extremist Republican policies like these:

  • etc etc etc

But to be fair, the Tory delegation must surely be starting…

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Theresa May allies call Auschwitz murder camp a “great lesson” to defend against immigration

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In 2009, the UK Conservative Party left the mainstream right-of-centre grouping in Europe the European People’s Party to join with a grouping of far-right extremists called the European Conservatives and Reformists.

The Tories’ main allies in the grouping include the party of the present Polish Prime Minister Beata Szydlo – who today came under fire for defending her party’s anti-immigration stance by bizarrely PRAISING the Auschwitz murder camp where an estimated 1.1 million people were murdered by the Nazis.

Szydlo tweeted: “In today’s restless times, Auschwitz is a great lesson showing that everything must be done to protect the safety and life of our citizens”.

The tweet comes after the EU criticised Poland for not taking in its quota of refugee families and children fleeing from the Syria conflict.

Unsurprisingly, Szydlo has since deleted the tweet.

Imagine if a Jeremy Corbyn ally had said that …

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Theresa May allies caught spreading anti-semitic propaganda

Pride's Purge

Theresa May’s Conservatives sit in the EU parliament with their close allies in the European Conservatives and Reformists group Poland’s far-right Law and Justice Party.

One of their first acts when Law and Justice came to power was to sack the board of state television and replace it with its supporters.

A Law and Justice politician – Jacek Kurski – was given the job as president of the board and the main state TV channels are now nothing more than propaganda tools for the ruling populist party.

The Law and Justice Party has for years been accused of extreme anti-semitism – but they tend to be careful these days – lest it embarrasses their European allies.

However, last week, Law and Justice showed an animation falsely accusing a popular charity of giving money to opposition politicians:

The accusations led to the murder of an opposition politician on Sunday – Gdansk…

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Severely disabled 64-year old man found starving to death – while billionaires get tax cuts

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These photographs and this status was posted on Facebook by a law adviser on Christmas Eve:

Please spare a thought for this 64 year old severely disabled client of mine? Please share this post to see if we can garner a response from the Tories although, I doubt we will. 
My client was thrown off ESA by ATOS 18 months ago. Since then, he has been expected to sign on. Obviously, he’s been sanctioned and forced to go hungry. so much so he weighs 6 stone. On Friday, not surprisingly he was at death’s door with pneumonia. Fortunately, I was able to get him into hospital.Evidently, his left lung was full of fluid with his right not much better, he’s now on the mend.
He has been unable to heat or look after his home properly because his health has deteriorated which I suggest is obvious from the photographs…

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