“It’s Just Lipton’s”

Just Left Awkward, Suddenly Approaching Old

Young friends have a baby due soon. At their shower, I watched the mom-to-be unwrap soft blue outfits that made the room go, “Aww.” On still evenings this summer, I sat outside with the dad, talking about how life is about to change.

Now it’s time to start planning the dinner I’ll make for them. I have a signature dish for celebration and a different one for grief. I’m big on making food no matter what, a product of my upbringing. I grew up believing that the way to a man’s heart was through his stomach. Apparently, I internalized that aphorism more seriously than my grandmother’s warning about giving away the milk for free.

For a new baby’s arrival, I usually go with Chicken Tarragon Crepes. It’s fancy but mild. It’s showy, but it’s only chicken, so how fancy can it be? I chop the tarragon and make the crepes…

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“It’s Just Lipton’s”

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@ShashaSelflove 10/19/18 – Two Steps



There is so much going on that everything seems to be in spin cycle, it is exciting and scary all at the same time. School, work and an actual social life takes the air right out of my lungs. The strange part is that I had been working towards this all along and all at once it came together. It never is one thing at a time, just like that it is a sprint towards exploring this different world.

That’s life, right? So much preparing, praying and watching from the sidelines until it is finally your turn. There is so much excitement surrounding it all that I have to remind myself to take it all in, a snap shot helps memorialize how all it took was one step in front of the other. Truth be told, that is the hardest thing to do.

We each struggle with something in our…

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Ramp Up the Pressure: Call on the UK Government to Prioritise Support to Modern Slavery Survivors


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We’ll keep you updated on the progress of the campaign, and let you know how your voice has made a difference. But the more people we have on board, the better our chance of winning so please share this campaign on social media with your friends and family:


Ramp Up the Pressure: Call on the UK Government to Prioritise Support to Modern Slavery Survivors

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Forced into prostitution. Forced into work to pay off a debt. Forced into marriage. These are some of the horrific scenarios faced by the estimated 45 million victims of modern slavery around the world today — and the UK is no exception, with 5,145 potential victims of modern slavery recorded here in 2017.

Even after escaping slavery, survivors still face many barriers to getting their lives back on track. They need long-term assistance, but right now, survivors in England and Wales are only guaranteed 45 days of government support — leaving victims at risk of falling into poverty, becoming homeless, and vulnerable to being re-trafficked.

Since April, Global Citizens have called on their MPs to help change the law, by voting for the ‘Modern Slavery (Victim Support) Bill’ which proposes to give survivors a guaranteed 12 months of protection. But as it stands, there’s almost no chance that this issue will be debated by MPs.

The UK has previously shown leadership in tackling modern slavery. In 2015, the government introduced one of the first laws in the world to tackle modern servitude, forced labour and human trafficking. Now the government must show us that they are still committed to helping survivors of this horrific crime, by ensuring that the ‘Modern Slavery (Victim Support) Bill’ is given the time it needs to be debated by MPs and become law.

Call on Prime Minister Theresa May and Home Secretary Sajid Javid to tackle modern slavery, and advocate a change in the law to give victims more support. 


Ring the Bells that Still Can Ring

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Ring the Bells that Still Can Ring

Just Left Awkward, Suddenly Approaching Old

I haven’t written in over a year. A few times lately, I see someone I know in a store or on the street (or even, once, at a friend’s wake) and that kind person will say, “I haven’t read anything from you lately.” I usually come up with the same response, which is pretty weak because my honest reaction is that the person is just being nice or wanting to soothe a writer’s fragile ego.

I most often say: “I ran out of things to say.” I guess I’m looking for a quick laugh, and usually I get one. But now after a year of not seeing my name in print, I feel little phrases or sentences forming when I least suspect it. I think: “I need to remember that. That’s not bad.” So maybe I haven’t run out of things to say after all.

This brings me to last…

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