Democracy arrives as Welsh Labour goes OMOV – full voting breakdown


Welsh Labour has ‘gone OMOV’ (one member one vote) for the election of its leader, after conference delegates in Cardiff voted with an overall 64.1% in favour (weighted percentages). 35.9% voted in favour of a revised ‘electoral college’ (EC) system.

The detailed voting breakdown was as follows:

  • Party units: 43.35% OMOV and 6.75% EC
  • Affiliates: 20.85% OMOV and 29.15%

Based on a 50:50 share between CLPs (constituency Labour parties) and affiliates, this equates to 87% supporting OMOV in party units, slightly more than campaigners hoped.

Congratulations to Welsh Labour members and to National Executive Committee member Darren Williams, who was the key coordinator of an OMOV campaign saw a campaign group of the execs of nearly every CLP is wales meeting regularly for almost a year, joined by Welsh Assembly Members who support OMOV.

The Unite union had announced its support for OMOV some time ago, with GMB, Unison and USDAW ranged against it.

The vote means that left-winger Mark Drakeford is now considered the favourite to become Welsh Labour’s new leader after Carwyn Jones steps down.

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11 responses to “Democracy arrives as Welsh Labour goes OMOV – full voting breakdown”

  1. If any of our MPs are in any doubt that the Labour Party is coming home – to its members – they need to think again and those who don’t like it, please sod off.

  2. Good to have OMOV at last, although it makes little difference on this occasion, Mark Drakeford was always a shoo in, head and shoulders above everybody else.

  3. Really good news, although rumoured that Carwyn will try to give all clear to new motorway through Newport levels some of the most important naturall habitats before he goes

  4. Welsh Labour have been so right wing and Tory-lite, it is amazing they are still supported at all.

  5. As a Welsh Labour member, I am relieved to hear this. I spent a day phoning people to canvass for Julie for deputy leader and she won the popular vote by a landslide, but was not elected because the electoral college chose the losing candidate. That was a day in my life I felt was totally wasted. Never again.