Audio: teacher tells R5 “my pupil was eating plasticine, he was that hungry”

BBC Radio Five Live today carried a segment on poverty. The first caller to the show related a shocking, real-life example of the levels of poverty and desperation some people are driven to under Tory policies:

His young pupil, who he thought was chewing gum, was so hungry he was eating the piece of plasticine he’d been given.

His mother was working.

Even though the school was trying to help by giving him large portions for his free school meals, that was his only significant meal of the day.


The events the teacher related took place five years ago. Child poverty and in-work poverty have only increased since then – so this desperate picture is being recreated thousands, hundreds of thousands of times around the country.

Child poverty is a huge problem in the UK – over 300,000 children are excluded from the measurement.

One in eight people in poverty – more than half of the total – are working.

The Tories’ response? Just over a year ago, they abolished their child poverty unit.

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One response to “Audio: teacher tells R5 “my pupil was eating plasticine, he was that hungry””

  1. In the fifth richest country in the World where the Right Wing Neo – Liberal Tory Barbarians focus on stuffing the mouths of the rich with gold!
    But this austerity stuff was never meant for the rich and powerful – tax cuts for: millionaires, corporations, hedge funds (£145m and hedge funds gave Tories £50m), private landlords with multiple properties, grouse moor owners – corporate welfare is £93b a year (an equivalent of £3.5k per household), tax avoidance by the rich and better off is £110b, illicit offshore banking 10 trillion dollars by global rich TO AVOID GIVING TO SOCIETY – THE REAL GLOBAL SCROUNGERS!
    And the Tories setting local govt funding on population size only) instead of including need (as per previous Lab Govt) has meant much higher cuts for non-Tory Councils.
    We have a cruel Tory Party captured by Neo-Liberalism and its cheap labour poverty pay for many yet a flourishing upper class welfare state for the few – time to kick the vile out!