‘White-shirt’ identified: Rees-Mogg supporting martial artist

The SKWAWKBOX and other independent media – but almost none of the ‘MSM’ – have featured extensively the video footage and stills of a man who barged into protesters at a speech by Tory MP and hard-Brexiteer Jacob Rees-Mogg on Friday evening, before striking a female protester in the face twice and being escorted from the auditorium.

may uwe mogg headline.png

Right-wing and ‘mainstream’ media, as well as Tory groups, have tarred the protesters as violent, but while they were noisy and disruptive the violence – which has been ignored by most of the ‘MSM’ – was instigated by the audience member who has become known as ‘white shirt’.

While protesters were identified within a very short time by the right-wing media, the man who struck the woman was not, in spite of clear images of him that quickly became available:

pt 1.png

The SKWAWKBOX, with the help of its readers, has solved the mystery.

Students at the University of Bristol run an independent magazine, Epigram – which ran a feature on Friday night about the disturbance at the Rees-Mogg event.

The feature quoted audience member Paul Townsley:

Paul Townsley, a member of the audience, claimed that he approached the protestors, at which point a woman stood between him and them, spitting at him. At this point, Townsley claims that he pushed the woman in the back, resulting in an outcry that he punched her, which Townsley denies.

But which Paul Townsley?

Here are two pieces of footage of Townsley’s ‘approach’ and his ‘push in the back’ of the woman:

Paul Townsley is a martial arts instructor from the Bristol area who has shared his support for Rees-Mogg in a change.org petition to have Rees-Mogg replace Theresa May as PM:

mogg petition.png

Townsley is a fan of Rees-Mogg-related petitions:

pt jrm 2.png

As well as support for Jacob Rees-Mogg and Brexit, Mr Townley’s Facebook page contains many posts demonstrating his support for a hard Brexit and, ironically in the circumstances, this:

pt temper.png

Right-wingers on social media have swung between dismissing the idea that a woman was struck and attempting to claim that there is no evidence that Friday’s assailant is a Rees-Mogg supporter. The ‘MSM’ are proclaiming that Rees-Mogg was ‘attacked’, even though the MP himself has said otherwise.

Here are pictures showing Townsley in his martial arts gear a year ago, from the public photos of the same Facebook page containing the petitions, and the man in the thick of the action at Friday’s event:

ptownsley ma.png



pt 5.png


pt 8.png

pt comp.png

Same profile, same slight deviation of the nose when viewed from the front.

Paul Townsley named himself to the Epigram – and the pictures indicate it is Paul Townsley the ardent Brexiteer and Rees-Mogg fan.

Is he connected to Jacob Rees-Mogg? The MP has denied it, but some have speculated that what may be Townsley in this photo of Mogg suggests otherwise:

jrm pt.png

wb jrm pt.png

Now that his identity is known, could a connection be uncovered?

Meanwhile, it has emerged that the protesters are members of a local ‘antifa’ group not aligned with either Labour or Momentum. So the right-wing claims really are outright fake news.

Which makes this question raised by Twitter user ‘ScouseGirlMedia’ all the more pertinent:

uwe sgm.png

The SKWAWKBOX attempted to contact Mr Townsley before publication, by telephone and email. He did not respond. Somerset and Avon Police were contacted for an update on their investigation but no relevant contact was reachable.

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9 responses to “‘White-shirt’ identified: Rees-Mogg supporting martial artist”

  1. Good journalism.
    So far then, and a quick recap. Mr Paul Townsley is a martial arts instructor who should teach self defence and restraint unable to control his temper, he attacks from behind and strikes females, tells barefaced lies against all available evidence and either has a fascination with or stalking tendencies for or is employed by Rees-Mogg? Oh dear Paul!!

  2. Good work.

    It is interesting how different the fracas appears from the various views now available.

    I wish to state I am no fan of Antifa. I dislike their going on the offensive with often provocative and intimidating methods and the practise of covering their faces in menacing black head gear and dressing in black. In my opinion groups such as them dramatically increase the chances that violence will ensue and we have enough of that from the far right who have already murdered and attacked MPs and citizens and continue to threaten violence.

    We are in very volatile times, promoting robustly physical so called resistance is the last thing needed in the mix with far right views given so much air time and the press and media hosting never ending smearing, misrepresentation and demonizing of Corbyn, McDonnell and the supporters of the Socialist cause that is rallying round Corbyn’s leadership aiming to greatly improve the lives of the majority of citizens, many of who are suffering greatly under the unnecessary Tory austerity and privatisation programs.

  3. Every day Steve shames the BBC and the rest of the sold-out MSM “journalists” with the diligence and integrity that used to be the watchwords of the fourth estate – while they sell twisted half-truths and lies to the most gullible in society so the Tories can buy yet another dishonest election.
    Thanks, Steve.
    When their trials are over and I’m throwing ordure at their passing tumbrils and they’re bleating about how they were “only doing their jobs” I’ll be proudly wearing one of your T-shirts, buddy.

  4. So let me get this correct… he walked up and pushed a woman in the back because she was spitting at him?

    Pushed her in the back, because she was facing him and spitting at him?

    That is some next level exorcist head turning sh1t right there.

    The other, real version, is that the right wing thug walked up behind the woman and just pushed her because that is what the far right supporters of Mogg do.