Izzard: “I’m more a Blairite”


The contest for the three additional places for member representatives on Labour’s National Executive Committee (NEC) is heating up and tighter than many might have predicted.

The places have been welcomed, rightly, as a huge opportunity for the majority of Labour members, who are solidly behind Jeremy Corbyn and his vision for the party and the country – but the waters have been muddied by the candidacy of Momentum founder Jon Lansman and of comedian Eddie Izzard. Mixed feelings among some members about Lansman’s desire to be on the NEC, combined with the personal popularity of Izzard and his recent statement of support for Corbyn, have “concertina’d” what would otherwise have been expected to be a straightforward win for the left ‘slate’.

Whatever Izzard’s personal stance, he is backed by the strongly anti-Corbyn factions Progress and Labour First, who fought against Corbyn in his leadership bids, against recent democratisation

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