Left slates win near-clean sweep in NW conference elections


rc17_banner_28329It was a good day for the Left in the north-west of England at Labour’s regional conference in Blackpool. Left slates won all the regional Conference Arrangements Committee positions, the single National Policy Forum position that was up for grabs – and thirteen of fifteen positions on the regional board.

The regional board positions are important because these boards decide disputes and appeals over disciplinary and selection matters for councillors and candidates, as well as playing a role in policy-making. That local government level within Labour is desperately in need of a clear-out and new blood – the next big battleground in democratising and remaking the party in the image of its membership.

The Left won all the positions in Merseyside (3), Manchester (5), Lancashire (3) and Cheshire (2):

nw cac2.pngCongratulations to all candidates and those who organised to support them. Regional boards are elected yearly in full so the old…

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