Another loss

One day my beautiful 🐞you will understand
So today 8th sept 2017 we had to say goodbye to our beautiful furbaby Skye pie. Daddy insisted on bringing her home to bury with her bestie Oliver who was your bestie and your first ever pet loss and since then you’ve also had poor little Olive taken too. So today my heart broke for you when you said ‘please mummy just no more dieing my Oliver my lex my Bobby my Olive and now my Skye pie’ and then sobbing like when we lost Bobby 3 years ago. You have grown up so much so fast that I forget just how hard it is having to deal with so many losses in such a short space of time. Believe me when I say I know way more than others and I still grieve daily. You insisted on getting your MINNIE mouse towel to keep her warm and was sobbing begging me ‘please please mummy just don’t put her outside she’ll be cold on her own.’ Burying Oliver had helped you realise he had gone 4 years ago – you weren’t even 2. You loved him none the less and still talk about him and recognise him in pics which is so heart warming. In those few short hours you relived all those awful moments including baby Bobby who would be 3 this week coming. You even insisted we said a prayer and placed flowers for her bless you All the while trying to comfort me and your daddy- you really dont like to see him upset. I am so very sorry we have put you through this once again without realising just how much death has meant to you in your short little 5 1/2 years. If the doctors could have fixed her belive me we would have paid everything we have and more to save her. But cancer is a bastard sorry for my language but it so fits as I am sure you too will sadly learn it one day it destroys families and lives overnight without warning way too often. And even knowing in time for treatments doesn’t always make it any easier at the end. Not every illness can be fixed sweetie thats why mummy gets poorly so much. Sometimes we can’t mend. I love you so very much Lilith Ruby and I am so very sorry for your heart breaking once more x


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